Debut album »Nemesis« out now!




FORMULA X is an electro act from Vienna, consisting of the producers Ulrich Schwab and Alexander Zupnik. Inspired by a multitude of artists and genres – from Pendulum to the gritty soundscapes of Massive Attack, from Jungle to Dubstep – they developed a style rich in diversity, that is meant to represent a contrast to the “uniformity” that´s notable in some of today´s electronic music.

2014 saw the release of their debut single ´Jump Off The World´, a mid-tempo Drum and Bass track with catchy lead sounds and pitched vocals on Viennese label monkey music. The following year they recorded the single „Air Balloon“ with Crooner Louie Austen, which was released in early 2016 and was played by several radio stations.

Their latest single ´Nemesis´ features vocals from local artist Matthias Idinger a.k.a. Vista andwas released on the Austrian Drum & Bass label Moshbit Records in 2018. The track combines acoustic and electric guitars with energetic drum sounds and distorted basses.

´Nemesis´  is also the name of the debut album of FORMULA X, which will be released on October 26, 2018 via Balloon Media Entertainment Distribution. There are several features on the ten tracks: In addition to the previously mentioned Louie Austen and Vista, Diana Lueger – known as the front singer of the band ´Zweitfrau´ – takes over the lead vocals on two songs.

Although ´Nemesis´ is a debut on the one hand, it also sums up the musical influences and the development of FORMULA X over the last few years.

The Duo is planning to perform their music live in 2019 with several guest musicians and an accompanying visual show.